PASS Program

In the PASS (Partnerships and Student Success) program, established in 1996, faculty, staff and administrators serve as volunteer mentors to ease the students’ transition during their first year as college freshmen. Because of its success in helping first-year students adjust to college, Stevenson University’s PASS program has received national and local recognition and awards, reflecting the dedication of over 100 mentors to students as well as the community spirit of Stevenson University.

PASS students meet weekly with their mentors, who provide their mentees with academic support as well as serve as personal resources for various campus activities and services. The program networks the efforts of faculty and helps students feel connected to the campus and encourages their involvement in campus life.

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PASS Pizza Kickoff Event, Summer 2008

Hear what others have to say about their PASS experiences:

“My mentor helped me with my studies and personal issues, and I gained a new friend!”

“A strength of the program is that mentors can provide support for students without judging or grading them.”

“This program made my transition from high school to college much easier.”

“PASS was important to me because I always had someone to talk to who would listen to anything I had concerns about.”

“I enjoy knowing my mentees academically as well as personally. Students have a ‘go to’ person when questions arise.”