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The Academic Link » The Tutor Contract

The Tutor Contract

Please read and sign this agreement describing the responsibilities of tutors in The Academic Link.   If at any time you have concerns about your role and responsibilities, please contact the Assistant Director of The Academic Link.

1. In keeping with The Link’s mission of providing students with academic support to promote their understanding of course material and success in college, I will share with my tutees my knowledge of the discipline and my experience with learning strategies in order to offer course content support and to encourage students to develop into independent learners.

2. I understand and will convey to tutees that a tutoring session never replaces class attendance, and I agree not to complete homework or course assignments for the students.

3. I agree to meet students on time or notify them in a timely manner otherwise and to be well-prepared for my sessions.

4. I give permission for The Link Director and Faculty staff to review my academic record with my instructors and the registrar.

5. I agree to attend orientation meetings, tutor training workshops, and other assigned meetings.

6. I will establish clear lines of communication with my tutees, faculty if necessary, and The Link staff.  When necessary, I will inform the Assistant Director or Director of any concerns I may have with my tutees.

7. I will consider my tutoring position as a professional one and therefore accurately complete and submit my paper work.

8. As a professional, I will adhere to the ethics policy discussed in The Link Handbook regarding FERPA and the confidentiality of tutees’ grades if they are shared with me by the student and any other personal confidences shared by the students or faculty.

9. As a professional, I will uphold that instructors’ authority in classes and assignments is to be respected.  I will not judge or criticize professors or their assignments, grades, or classes.

As an employee of Stevenson University, I will possess a work ethic which demonstrates my understanding of the philosophy of The Academic Link.